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    Geo Push

    69.77 48.00

    Geo-location is often closely related to the geo-zoning function-definition

    the fact that a particular user of the application is in the desired area on the map (geo-zone). With geo-zoning, you can send trigger push notifications based on the location information of each individual user.You can set up automatic distribution of messages that will come to each client exactly when he will be in the right area: will enter a certain city, will go to a certain shopping center-will pass by a certain point on the map.

  • Modules Nwicode

    MobilCart – e-commerce module For Nwicode

    69.77 48.00

    Module for creating an online store in a mobile application

    We are happy to present You extended version of Commerce module MobilCart!

    Thanks to the new MobilCart module , you can sell your products from one or more stores in the mobile app. Users will be able to pay online through any payment gateways or in cash at your store or on delivery.

  • Modules Nwicode

    Restaurants – module for restaurants and delivery service for Nwicode

    145.00 90.00

    Mobile application for restaurants and cafes

    Currently, the popularity of mobile ordering and delivery services is growing, more and more people are using a smartphone to order food. Own application for a restaurant is the best solution for attracting and retaining customers.

    Our application includes everything you need for a successful restaurant and delivery service.

    Unlimited number of restaurants and cafes in one application

    Unlike similar applications, we do not limit the application to only one restaurant. In the application, you can add as many restaurants as you like, and the client will be able to choose the most suitable one.

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