Preciseform Module

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– Data entries saved into database

– Sent data by email

– Confirmation email to user sending the form with customizable message

– Export to CSV or JSON

– 13 fields types:

  1. text
  2. longtext
  3. email
  4. Image (upload)
  5. number (with decimal precision)
  6. number range
  7. date
  8. time (AM/PM, 24hrs format)
  9. toggle (on/off)
  10. select list
  11. multichoice select
  12. color list
  13. Upload pictures

– Good form presentation

  • Html header, footer and separator
  • Html confirmation message

– Redirection to a specific feature afterwards

– Fine-grained configuration

  • max file length
  • required or optionnal
  • default value
  • max value (for number)
  • customable error message
  • hour and date format

– Decent UI/UX

  • highlight required missed field
  • placeholder and field description
  • proper Date selection modal
  • proper Time selection modal

This module could be used in so many ways to gather data:
survey/opinion pool, contact form, event registration, cost estimate request, custom made item request, appointment taking …

Module documentation



  •  2018-07-31:
    • bug fix: date formating error preventing user from sending form


    • bug fix: confirmation email not sent with some configuration. Better compatibility with older android SDK
  •  2018-05-02:
    • bug fix: image not being display within email notification, image not displayed in data panel if field id has been changed
  •  2018-04-10:
    • add optional confirmation email sent to user with customizable message
    • all form now have an id number (visible in confirmation email)
  • 2018-03-12:
    • add image field type
    • small bug fix: select field are now in red if require and not filled


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